Excellence in Family Service & Care

When you enroll your child at Stepping Stone, you become part of our family of families.  We share your desire to give your child the best possible education and care and work closely with you to provide a comfortable, rewarding and secure experience.


  • Each parent chooses their own confidential identification code and password to gain access to the facility during hours of operation.  Only parents (and those authorized by parents) have access to the school.

Parent Volunteers

  • We encourage parents and family members to volunteer and provide numerous opportunities to do so throughout the year.  These may include class parties, field trips or general school functions and events.

Open Door Policy

  • Spending time in your child’s class enables you the opportunity to build a relationship with your child’s teacher and helps us develop a sense of family with you and your child. Family members are welcome to join us anytime.


  • Communication is essential to a successful and growing relationship intended to benefit your child.  Communication may include person-to-person, phone calls, newsletters and calendars, daily information sheets, and conferences.

Schedules and Other Resources